Getting Sublime Text to live preview markdown with latex

I wrote this draft tutorial on Jan 18 2018, and then completely forgot about it. Eleven months later, I don’t remember the details of what I was writing or was planning to write. Also, this was mostly written from a Windoze perspective, and I don’t use Sublime Text or Windoze anymore (Vim and Linux ftw). As a result, I might have missed something and following this tutorial may result in stuff not working properly (please let me know if you find something).

Now, to get started, install a tex distribution like MiKTeX or TeX Live.

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i installed arch btw

After spending the first year of my Linux journey messing around in Manjaro, I decided that I probably know enough about Linux by now to install Arch. I took a quick look at the installation guide, got the ISO on a flash drive and booted off to a dark prompt.

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cmus is the best!

I was having a hard time looking for a GUI music player and organizer on Linux that looks as good and feels as nice as MusicBee. The only music player on Linux that doesn’t look like shit is probably Lollypop and it does nothing to help organize my music. After using it for all this time, I decided that if I had to just use a music player that did nothing more than just play my music (ahh the irony), I might as well use a CLI player with faster keyboard shortcuts.

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Animu animu moar moar animu

So, I got tired of manually clicking and downloading anime episodes one by one from the hidden holy grail of anime downloading sites, and decided to automate it. As much as I would like to praise the beautiful encoding sizes of this site and rant on how these anime downloading sites should just make us watch a 5 min ad continuously and then just give us all the download links at the same time, this post is not meant for that. I wanted to write about how I discovered some gems which were unknown from me and how I automated the task, so that I can just refer to this in case the site gets pulled and I need to do something similar next year. lol.


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Sprint, fall and fade away

The last few days were horrible. I joined a nice little Discord server called Study Hall. And got really into the flow with the pom fight happening. But then I got the allergy. Spent all day coughing, resting and sleeping and of course fucked the chemistry exam. I couldn’t answer the simplest questions, couldn’t even attempt the organic questions. I will for sure be getting a good long speech from princi and will have to appear for the exam again. fml.

I’ve got the computer exam next, gonna do better at it hopefully.