cmus is the best!

I was having a hard time looking for a GUI music player and organizer on Linux that looks as good and feels as nice as MusicBee. The only music player on Linux that doesn’t look like shit is probably Lollypop and it does nothing to help organize my music. After using it for all this time, I decided that if I had to just use a music player that did nothing more than just play my music (ahh the irony), I might as well use a CLI player with faster keyboard shortcuts.

I started my journey with cmus and quickly discovered that it does not support MPRIS. MPRIS is a specification which I am taking the help of to display a nice little music module on my Polybar. There are some cmus modules for Polybar but the MPRIS module works for most players so I didn’t want to give it up.

I then installed mpd and ncmpcpp. I am not a fan of the server-client bs for programs that do such trivial tasks. But ncmpcppcmpcpcpcpcpcpc looked pretty and had a nice visualizer so I thought that this might be the player for me. It has a very customizable albeit nightmarish interface too. After customizing the shit out of it, it decided that it doesn’t like Selena and refused to display her music. I had no idea where to start looking for a fix for such a weird problem and so, I started to look for something else.

I was about to try moc when I discovered that cmus had implemented MPRIS in its latest pre-release and it was available on AUR (Actually I had found out about the pre-release while trying out cmus earlier, but cmus-git package on the AUR had an older version number and the newb me didn’t realize that the “-git” part meant the latest source would be downloaded and compiled. I could have probably also downloaded and built the source myself but I don’t know how to do that yet so didn’t bother with doing that.) Anyway, I downloaded cmus-git from the AUR and it was everything that I ever wanted (except the lack of a progress bar and a visualizer, but those are things I can live without). After changing the colors and getting used to some of the shortcuts, this is what I am left with:


It also automatically scrobbles to with the help of the cmusfm extension. Fucking awesome.

Also, my results are going to be declared tomorrow and I am going to fail in at least one subject, so RIP me.

Till next time.

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